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Summertime Blue (Blue Mountain Series nr. 1) : Francine Beaton

198×128, 161p.

SKU: 978-1-990902-59-8 Categories: ,


A brief interlude just before Christmas was supposed to be more than that. That was what Nathan Sinclair imitated to Meghan Carstens when they said goodbye, and she believed him. She should’ve known it was a lie and that Nathan will prove to be an asshole just like all the others she dated before. When they met again a few months later, Meghan accepts it is over. Nathan ignores her as if the time they spent on Twin Peaks over the summer, never happened. She does the same, even though it hurts.

Meghan belongs to an industry Nathan abhors. Apart from his mother and his sister, he vowed never to have anything to do with someone aspiring to be a model, designer or a journalist. He was burned once too often. Why then does he feel this compelling attraction to the sultry fashion designer?

When the truth emerges, will Meghan give Nathan another chance?