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Did you know a woman can prosper you? – Juliet Mtekateka

106 x 172, 144p.

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It’s alarming how much we, especially men, miss the intrinsic value of a woman, of a wife. This is evident from the statistics and news that have been reported regarding women being ill-treated. Here is a book that dissects chapter by chapter the gift and favour from the Lord that a woman, or rather a good wife, truly is. From being organisers in the home, to being motivators, among many things they can do, a woman can prosper a man. In Genesis, God mentions that it is not good for man to be alone, and that He will make him a helper suitable for him. Not to say that a woman’s only purpose is to look after the needs of the man – a woman can prosper without a man. There are things a man cannot succeed in by himself unless he has found his good wife.

There’s a lot more insight to gain from this book, including details regarding issues derived from men not finding a suitable helper as intended by God, wise counsel for men, women, children and communities.