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The Green Door - Cecile Hamilton

A5, 129p.

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ISBN: 978-1-928405-04-7

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The Green Door opens to reveal the truth about good sex for women. The book offers candid and honest information on things that many people are embarrassed to discuss.

The author explains the causes of sex problems such as guilt feelings, low sexual self-esteem and lack of confidence, all of which lead to anxiety and consequently diminished sex drive. She normalises sexuality by describing female sexual development from childhood games with touching, through puberty and adolescence to the stages of masturbation and homosexual experimentation.

The influence of past sexual experiences, the normal female response to pornography and the effect of relationship problems are discussed in-depth. The book’s enlightened view of these matters teaches women that their sexuality is owned by themselves, not solely dependent on a partner and that lust is an intricate part of sexual relations. The emotional bonding happens after the passionate intimacy.

The crux of this manuscript, is that the author teaches women that sexual arousal comes from the mind-body link where imagination and fantasy combine with physical stimulation to create heightened sexual pleasure.

Following this, the author presents practical guidelines for women to teach themselves to reach orgasm. This technique has been successfully employed by her clients.

Readers are consoled to know that according to research, female sexual problems are experienced by approximately 40% of women around the world. Personally I find the information and exercises in The Green Door valuable in my counselling of couples and church goers in my profession. The Green Door is a helpful and constructive read.

Dr. L.P. Grobler (Minister of Dutch Reformed Church in S.A.)

D.Th (Theology)

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The Green Door - Cecile Hamilton

The Green Door - Cecile Hamilton

A5, 129p.

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